Can Ocelots Be Domesticated as a Pet? Are They Good Enough?

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The most fascinating wild cats Ocelots have some cool traits that may raise the question: can ocelots be kept as a pet. Many people have the same query. 

It is true that Ocelete was kept as a pet in the 1950s to 1960s, but those are times, but it can not be possible in the current scenario when everything has changed.

If you are among those who wish to know if ocelots can be domesticated, then go through the post. We will let you know everything about these ocelots.

Can Ocelots be Domesticated

You might be wondering if you can keep an ocelot as pets. Well, the answer is a big “No”. The ocelots are wild cats that can not be kept as a pet. They behave differently when kept in a closed environment of a house as they are adapted to living in a natural environment.

Since they are very exotic cats, maintaining them at the house will be arduous. 

However, they are smaller breeds, but still, wild cats, so, giving them proper care and attention is hard.

Why Are Ocelots Not a Good Pet?

Being wild animals, Ocelots are arduous to keep at home as their nature and behavior are adapted to the world of wild animals. In houses, we can not provide them with an open wild environment and it will not be good for the well-being of them. Forceful domestication of ocelots as pets might harm them. Some common causes of ocelots not being kept as a pet are.

Destructive in Nature

It is commonly known that wild animals have an aggressive nature and Ocelots are not different from them. In the forest, they are addicted to scratching, digging the land, and licking what they find in their surroundings. 

This destructive behavior may turn into scratching the wall, damaging the sofas and carpets, urinating anywhere in the house, and many other activities that are not good for keeping them as pets. 

Enough Space Required for Them

Ocelots are generally active and possess a dynamic lifestyle in the natural environment of the forest. So, they need enough space to run, climb, and play freely in open space. The domestic environment is not suitable for keeping ocelots as pets and for their happy living style.

A Lot of Care is Needed

Ocelot needs a lot of care when separated from his mother and needs the proper care or attention that their mother offers him.

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