Which One’s the Best? – Ceramic or Porcelain

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Wondering which one is best—ceramic or porcelain? The age-old argument between ceramic and porcelain surfaces frequently takes center stage when deciding which material is ideal for your floors, worktops, or even decorative tiles. Each of these popular solutions has unique characteristics and advantages of its own, making the decision-making process challenging. But don’t worry! Let’s differentiate between ceramics and porcelain in this blog, contrasting their attributes, uses, and applicability to varied demands. So let’s learn more about these two great materials, find the ideal match for your upcoming project, and discover some of the popular tile shops, such as a tiles shop in Bulandshahr.

Reasons to Opt for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a common option for many applications since they provide the following benefits:


Ceramic tiles are a great alternative for consumers on a tight budget since they are often more affordable than other flooring or wall-covering options. When looking for affordable ceramic tiles, explore the ‘ceramic tiles shop near me’; you will be loaded with various options.

Diverse Variety

They provide countless design options due to their wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Finding ceramic tiles that match any exterior or interior decor is simple because of the diversity available.

Easy Installation 

Ceramic tiles are great for DIY enthusiasts since they are reasonably simple to install. With the correct adhesive, they can be mounted on several surfaces, including concrete, hardwood, and pre-existing tile.

Easy Maintenance

These tiles are renowned for requiring little upkeep. Due to their resistance to stains, scratches, and moisture, they are considered durable and easy to clean.


These tiles are strong and long-lasting. They can withstand regular foot traffic in residential areas and are less prone to chipping than certain other materials.

Resistance to Heat Damage

Ceramic tiles are a secure option for fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes because of their outstanding heat and fire-resistant qualities.

Environmentally Responsible

Ceramic tiles are ecologically beneficial since they are frequently made from organic elements like clay and minerals. They don’t emit harsh chemicals and are recyclable. You can explore environment-friendly tile options at the tiles shop in Bulandshahr.


Particularly in moist places like bathrooms and kitchens, ceramic tiles’ non-porous surface helps to maintain a cleaner living environment by preventing the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew.


Ceramic tiles will survive for many years if properly placed and maintained, making them a cheap alternative overall.


Decorative accents, floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops, and applications over other spaces are all possible with ceramic tiles. Due to their adaptability, they may be used in almost any area of homes or businesses.

Reasons to Opt for Porcelain Tiles

Due to its many benefits, porcelain tiles are a popular option for flooring, walls, and other applications:

Exceptional Durability

Porcelain tiles are renowned for being extremely durable. They are created by heating them at extremely high temperatures, which makes them incredibly robust and hard. This indicates that they resist harm from being walked on, scratched, or getting chipped. They function well in areas with a lot of foot traffic since they last long.

Water Repellency

Porcelain tiles are resistant to any water damage since they absorb less water. They are, therefore, a fantastic choice for exterior spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens where water exposure occurs often.

Stain Resistant

Porcelain tiles are highly stain-resistant due to their non-porous structure, making them particularly useful where spills and stains are common.

Easy Maintenance

Porcelain tiles are simple to maintain and clean. They often just require periodic mopping and routine sweeping to stay spotless. The best place to explore easy-maintenance porcelain tiles is to visit the tiles shop in Bulandshahr.


They are available in a vast array of colours, dimensions, and coatings, including variations that resemble natural stone, wood, and concrete. This adaptability enables innovative design decisions and easy blending into many external and interior designs.


Since porcelain tiles are sturdy and can support weights, they can be used in commercial and residential applications.


Porcelain tiles are a long-term investment since they can endure when placed and cared for properly for decades.

Unaffected by Fading

Porcelain tiles are appropriate for outdoor use since they won’t fade or lose their colour when exposed to sunshine.

Environmentally Responsible

Porcelain tiles are an environmentally beneficial option since they are recyclable and created with natural materials like clay and minerals.


The decision between ceramic and porcelain tiles ultimately comes down to your specific needs and available funds. Ceramic tiles can be your best choice if you’re seeking affordability and innovative design alternatives. However, porcelain tiles stand out when long-term value, moisture resistance, and durability are important. Visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Bulandshahr, Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh, to browse a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles. There, you can discover the ideal tiles to realise your vision. In the end, always choose what suits your requirements and preferences the best.