Video Marketing: Build a Winning Video Strategy in 2023

Video Marketing
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Today, brands are not being awarded by other brands for their unique strategies but by their audience’s engagement rate and growth. Video marketing is an astonishing way for brands to market their business across the internet, and it is becoming the first choice for brands to interact with the audience, boost sales, make more conversions, and improve ROI. To create a video, brands in all sectors need to come up with new strategies that are well-researched and personalized. 

These videos help the audience understand things with a sense of relatability and entertainment. And if they hear the words from a trusted influencer, it can build trust and authenticity among the audience. To make us understand things better, Wyzowl said that brands that use video marketing as an essential tool generate 66% more qualified leads than those that don’t. Some brands that struggle to create videos according to the audience’s needs hire video production companies to create effective videos that bring in sales and grow business. 

The video agencies help brands create videos that appeal to the audience and accomplish the brand’s goals. The production houses are highly qualified and keep a sharp eye on the audience and real-time trends, making the videos more effective and engaging. 

In this article, we will learn about how video companies work and reveal the name of a video agency that can help your brand reach the top. But first, let’s look at how these houses work with a case study.

Let’s understand how India’s top video agency helped Mamaearth gain over 3M views. 

How Top Vidoe Production Company Helped Mamaearth To Gain over 3M Views.

In collaboration with Mamearth, the production company helped the brand gain 3M views:


Production house helped Mamaearth collaborate with 1000+ mothers around Mother’s Day to create a compelling image of the brand and engage with highly relevant consumers.


As a result, with over 1K entries and receiving 80+ videos for a one-week campaign, the video production company helped beauty brand Mamaearth gain over 3 million views on Instagram.

Now that we know how video companies work, It’s time to reveal the secret. Let’s take a look at the leading production agency in India.

Which video agency helped Mamaearth accomplish the target of a million views? Vidzy.

Vidzy is India’s leading video production agency with over six years of experience and has served 1,200+ brands like Amazon, Myntra, Country Delight, and more. The video agency has around two lakh influencers ready to work with your brand. 

So, if you want results like Mamaearth, contact Vidzy.

Since brands know about Vidzy, Let’s understand the video company’s services and how they benefit brands.

How Video Marketing Can Help You Build A Winning Video Strategy in 2023

As we discussed earlier, brands are looking for ways to create engaging videos that can help the audience get a sense of relatability. Who can create better videos than the top video production house in India. So, let’s take a look at services to help your brand win.

Grow Your Brand’s Visibility With The Influencer-Based Social Media Videos:

Brands upload these videos on their feeds, which get recommended to the audience by their for you page or while scrolling through social media. These videos have engaging storylines and include trusted influencers, making the audience immediately focus on the video. 

Influencer-based social media videos help brands generate an organic audience, enhance visibility, improve engagement rates, and build trust.

Influencer-Based Ad Videos:

Like Wyzowl said, video marketing helps brands gain 66% better leads, and here’s why. Advertisement videos target the most precise audience. These people are either looking at your product or something similar to yours, which makes the brand appear on their feed. Reappearing on the audience’s feed with a qualified influencer from the same sector makes your brand relevant and gives authority, resulting in more qualified leads and conversions. 

Influencer-based ad videos aid brands in generating more leads, building authority, gaining relevancy, making conversions, and improving the ROI.

Make Your Product Video in Ways That Generate More Sales With Influencer-Based Product And Service Videos:

Product and service videos help brands present their products to the audience, which aids them in understanding how the product looks. The video production house helps brands create the most engaging videos with the help of influencers, making them relevant and promoting products with well-known influencers.

Influencer-based products and services help brands generate leads, build authority, boost sales, and improve ROI.

Show Your Product’s Results With UGC Videos:

UGC videos are known as user-generated videos and are part of testimonial videos. These videos are made with the help of a regular user of the product and show the results to help the potential customer make better decisions.

The production brand finds and creates videos that show product results, which helps brands get enhanced exposure and maximize sales.

UGC videos help brands maximize sales, enhance product reach, build awareness, and become reliable.

Build And Maintain Relationships With Corporate Videos:

Corporate videos are an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy, as they can help build and maintain relationships with the audience. These videos help create and maintain relationships with the audience by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the brand. By showing the people behind the brand and giving a glimpse into the day-to-day operations, brands can humanize themselves and create a sense of authenticity and transparency. This can help build trust with the audience and foster long-term relationships.

Corporate videos help brands create authenticity, show transparency, humanize content, build trust, and maintain relationships.

Broaden Up Your Audience With TV Commercials:

Television ads have existed for a while but have diminished in reach as social media has grown. Even after that, organizations ought to acknowledge the influence of advertisements. Premium companies like Nivea, Bajaj, and many more promote products on television and make the most of them as a way to reach a broader audience that doesn’t use the Internet but could be their potential customers. 

TV commercials help brands enhance acknowledgment, spread awareness, target a bigger audience, and boost sales.

Use 2D & 3D Graphic Videos To Educate Your Audience:

Educating the audience is an essential part of video marketing. Brands use 2D and 3D videos to explain their products, services, and processes to the audience. These videos help the audience understand the brand’s offerings and benefits more engagingly and interactively. 

Brands can use 2D and 3D videos to educate their audience on a wide range of topics, including product features, benefits, and usage instructions. 

Now, after understanding how video marketing can help brands, Let’s look at why brands are choosing the video agency to stay ahead of their competition.

Why Brands Like Amazon And Yamaha Are Choosing The Video Production Company:

Apart from the skills, brands require other advantages to choose a production company and to overcome this gap, some video agencies promise brands uncommon storytelling. While others say that they will provide complete production. Keep reading to understand the additional benefits provided by Vidzy.

Unique Storytelling:

Brands need to keep the audience engaged and interactive, and to do so, they need to come up with a way to tell the story appealingly. Vidzy gives brands videos that are made with the help of the best writers who understand what your audience wants based on how your product can solve their problems. 

End-To-End Video Production Process:

Video production has been divided into three parts and each step holds its importance. The three steps are pre-, during, and post-production. In pre-production, the video company chooses the location, teams, influencers, storytelling, marketing strategies, research, and more.

During the production process, Vidzy executes the plan and provides the brand with the most engaging videos.

The post-production part holds the work after delivering the video to the brand. In this section, the video production company gives brands a personal brand manager that helps the brand get the best out of the video marketing campaign. 

Maximum ROI:

Every brand wants a good ROI, and Vidzy is making it happen. With market research, unique strategies, uncommon storytelling, perfect video skills, and end-to-end production process, it is happening. The video agency provides brands with maximum ROI. 


Video marketing is an essential part of the brand. To create videos that are rich in quality and give the audience a sense of comfort, and who can make better videos than a video agency? So choose top video production agency, Vidzy to reach a sky with no limits.