Stylish and Functional: Timberland Eyeglasses Frames for Round Face Shapes

Timberland Eyeglasses Frames
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You can start on a shopping binge before the holidays, particularly if you’re buying Timberland prescription glasses. Of course, take enough time and make an informed decision; keep in mind to account for your face shape. When choosing eyewear, it’s crucial to understand which types of glasses work best for your face shape.

This guide is meant for wearers with round faces because of this. Glasses with a round face shape may be difficult with so many options available on the market. As a result, we have selected the top prescription eyewear for you! So, if you’re looking for something fresh, current, and fashionable, we have it all! Prepare yourself for an innovative eyewear experience.

Features of a round face shape

An angular facial shape looks worse than a round face shape. The individual appears younger, gentler, and cuter. As the cheekbones are the most significant portion of the face, many people mistake round for oval, but there are distinctions between the two.

  • The oval face form is more elongated than the round face shape, which has a broader face.
  • The oval face form has a more pronounced jaw than the round face shape, which has a rounded jaw.
  • In contrast to the oval face form, which has more straight sides, the round facial features have curved sides.

It’s crucial to understand your face shape, so read up on the traits of each face shape. Examine and try on the many recommended eyewear options for round facial features.

The best Timberland eyeglasses for round faces

Choosing Timberland glasses that are the finest match for round facial features is a science. provides the best eyewear options to lengthen your face. Even if there are few, the list below offers our customers a variety of options.

  • Aviator eyeglasses 

Pilots initially needed aviator glasses to shield their eyes from various hazards while fighting. The 1930s saw their initial production. However, aviator sunglasses and eyeglasses became a popular fashion item in the 1970s. They became so common that manufacturers began producing them from various materials. Aviator eyeglasses have a thin metal frame, similar to the Shiny Black TIMBERLAND TB1755 frame.

The temples of these frames have a shiny black finish and are made of superior stainless steel. For comfort, elegance, and a little retro inspiration, the eyeglasses’ design has a bar that extends above the nose and a little raised nose bridge. These large-framed, aviator-style spectacles complement a round face perfectly. The glasses form will balance and highlight your best face cuts for round faces.

  • Rectangle glasses frames

The safest and most advised frame is Timberland eyeglasses frames, which is a rectangle. The traditional eyewear complements round faces beautifully. If you have a round face, your preferred frame options are square and rectangular, like TIMBERLAND TB1775. Both men and women effortlessly wear the rectangular frames with no issues. They are the ideal frame style for people with round faces.

The Timberland eyeglasses have a unique feature that differentiates them from other rectangular glasses frames. The frame’s top and bottom halves have a small rounding, giving them a softer, more excellent appearance.

  • Square-shaped eyeglasses

The final frame is timeless and still in style today. The ideal type of glasses for round faces are square frames. They give your facial features greater harmony and tenderness. Your profile is improved, appearing longer and thinner.

We suggest you look at the TIMBERLAND TB1596 frames, which are the best choice. These frames look fantastic on faces with a medium to wide round shape. These premium plastic eyeglasses are perfect for you if you enjoy thick frames. The traditional form features slightly rounded sides, making it chic and distinctive.

Avoiding eyeglasses frames for round faces

You can become overly distracted and select something else now that you know what eyeglass shapes work best for those with oval faces. You should pay greater attention to the types of eyeglasses frames to avoid if you have a round face shape.

  • Small frames emphasize your round face shape’s width.
  • Round frames and oval frames don’t balance or contrast your facial features.  


The most glamorous addition to any outfit is eyewear. After discussing which eyeglasses work best for this face type, you must purchase the best eyewear for round-face cuts. Prepare for summer by selecting Timberland eyeglasses that complement your face shape. It is important to note that each pair of eyeglasses we described above is produced from premium materials sourced sustainably and has a 12-month warranty.

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