Steps to Achieve Business Analyst Certification

Advance Business Analyst Certification
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Business analysis is an increasingly popular field and many professionals may find themselves wondering, “how can I become certified?” Certified business analysis professionals are in demand, with certifications from the International Institute of Business Analysis being globally regarded and helping expand your career opportunities in business analysis. From entry-level CBAP certifications all the way to advanced Cyber Security Analyst Program (CISAP) qualifications – certification in business analysis should be sought out to maximize career potential – IIBA certifications make it even easier: you can even obtain your certification online! Take these easy steps toward Business Analyst Certification!

Choose Your Certification

CBAP’s core certification program offers three levels spanning entry-level knowledge to expert-level business analysis. Determine which level best reflects your interest, experience and career goals to select the certification that will serve as the right foundation.

Once you select a certification, certain exams, such as CBAP, require professional development hours and goals to be documented before being eligible to register for their examinations. You can start to log them at any time using the BA Development Log.

Discover Your Certification Exam Objectives Now

Before beginning preparations for Business Analyst Certification exams, ensure you fully comprehend their essential elements. Read through the exam competencies, blueprint, and sample questions to gain a sense of what topics and question types may appear on them – though these exact questions might not appear on any exam, they’ll give an understanding of what to expect on test day.

Be sure to visit the IIBA exam information page for guidelines on all our certification exams, and click on any of the certification badges below for blueprints and sample questions for that particular test.

As You Start Preparing for Your Exam

Review the standards or bodies of knowledge associated with your certification, such as the BABOK Guide (for core certifications) or AGILE Extension to BABOK Guide. Additionally, explore additional standards and resources.

IIBA endorses training providers worldwide to aid the ongoing professional development of business analysis professionals. All IIBA-endorsed training is in alignment with best-practice standards such as BABOK Guide certification exams. Furthermore, these providers offer comprehensive courses designed to prepare you for certification exam certification exams.

IIBA provides direct eLearning resources for certain certification exams, such as Cybersecurity Analysis. These provide sufficient preparation for taking the IIBA-CCA exam.

Register and Take the Certification Exam

Once you’ve acquired all the skills and knowledge needed for your desired certification exam, it’s time to take it. For core certifications, pay both application and exam fees simultaneously while for specialized certifications just purchase an exam fee in order to begin registration and scheduling of the test.

Check out our certification fees, FAQ and exam information pages to understand pricing, scheduling your exam and what to expect before, during, and after taking one of our certification exams.

Congratulations On Becoming Certified

Congratulations! You earned your business analysis and Tableau Certification! Congratulations are due as you’ve joined an international network of over 16,000 business analysis professionals worldwide with this globally recognised certification, which will assist your career progression as you work within this profession.

Now is the time to demonstrate your expertise by showing it off with your digital badge from IIBA! Share and validate your certification achievements across social media channels like LinkedIn or any other means!

Business Analysis Specialization

Business analysis professionals come from diverse backgrounds and fulfill various needs within an organization to deliver the optimal business result. Discover what resources exist for best practices and specialization in this constantly-evolving profession.

Enhance Your Business Analyst Career.

Know what options are available to you and take steps towards experience, training and certification that can get you closer to where you want to be.

Business Analysis Resources from Info Grow Inc

An interactive hub designed to expand your career in business analysis and help create better results for your organization.

How can you pass a business analysis certification exam?

Business analysis is an indispensable skill that can help improve processes, resolve problems and deliver value to stakeholders. One way of demonstrating your competence and credibility as a business analyst is obtaining certification from one of the respected professional associations like IIBA or PMI; but passing their exams may prove challenging; here we offer tips for passing such exams so as to expand career prospects.

Find the appropriate certifications

Step one of business analysis certification should be finding one suitable to your experience, goals and interests. There are various kinds of business analysis certifications such as entry-level, intermediate, advanced specialized or agile certifications available. Each certification offers its own eligibility criteria, exam format, content and fees; therefore, you should research all options available based on your current situation and future plans. As an introduction to business analysis, IIBA or PMI’s Professional in Business Analysis certification might be appropriate for you. Once more experienced, Agile Analysis Certification from IIBA or Agile Certified Practitioner from PMI could provide further options.

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