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At present, working couples are having it difficult in finding time to keep their house clean between commuting to work, taking the kids to school, and running errands for their family’s needs.

Not too long ago, families used to hire housekeepers to do the house cleaning and all the chores associated with cleaning. Times had changed and there is now Home Cleaning Services near Me Houston that anyone can hire to do house cleaning.

With a house cleaning service, you can hire, you get your regular cleanings or an occasional deep-cleaning to keep your homes spanking clean.

General maid services

Many maid service companies advertise the things they generally do emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Some groups (agencies) sell how much they are super organized. Some come up with the idea of  team leaders who act as the supervisor in their work. 

During the cleaning, a field manager is present sometimes to inspect the quality of the cleaning and making sure that the work is up to par. 

Some pay extra to have these services clean your windows and the interiors of your ovens and refrigerator and other chores not listed in their usual lineup of services.

If you want to pay more extra than their regular pay, you can have them clean your windows, and other cleaning chores that cannot be done in ordinary ways. Other services that may be available include includes carpet cleaning and outside patio cleaning.

What they do

Professional house cleaning services are varied and their services are usually based on your needs, and what the company offers.

However, you can request thee cleaning services to spend more time cleaning up the kitchen instead of the living room, for instance.

You can also ask them if they’ll clean windows, wash dishes, and take out garbage and recycling. These services are not offered to customers. Some of these cleaning services may focus mostly in cleaning floors and other hard surfaces.


The charges for house cleaning services usually go either by the number of people doing the job or the hours spent cleaning—or a combination of both. The cost also depends on square footage, location, and frequency of cleaning.

The per person rate also typically includes an hourly amount worked into the cost. The cost averages around $20 to $100 per person, per hour.

Expect to spend anywhere from $25 to $100 per hour. Many companies charge about $200 for two hours.

Per square foot: The rate might instead be based on the size of the cleaning. Companies charging per square foot average around $0.05 to $0.10 per square foot.

The following are some of the services cleaning companies provide for their clients.

For general cleaning, a house cleaner will perform a set of standard tasks for every room.

In general, a house cleaner will perform a set of standard tasks for each room. This includes sweeping and vacuuming the floors, wiping down tables and cabinets, and mopping floor.

In addition, this also includes dusting surfaces and decors, scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, dusting surfaces and décor, scrubbing sinks, scrubbing bathtubs, wiping window sills and mirrors.

Places to be cleaned

The living room is one special in the sense that this s the first place your visitors sees the inside of you house. House cleaning companies makes it a point to their cleaning people put extra attention to this room.

Living room is the usual place where toys and clutter usually happens and happens big, especially if you have some free under-kindergarten kids.

Since this is the best place to bring home your friends are, there is need to dust the TV, fireplace mantel, wall art, and others décor that might be on display there.

The rugs and carpets has to be vacuumed, including the floors needs to be swept and clutter-free, the floors have to be mopped and the blinds would probably need some cleaning.

Even for people who don’t cook, you would notice that the kitchen can get dirty quickly. House cleaning professionals usually spend a lot of time in this space performing various tasks.

These would include washing and putting away dishes, wiping down the microwave and stovetops, scrubbing counters, dusting or wiping down appliances, clearing the clutter on the countertops, scrubbing oven interior and range hood, wiping counter doors and last but the least, mopping and sweeping the floors.

Bathroom / bedroom

Bathrooms are another heavily-used room that will receive a lot of attention from house cleaners.Among the other task in the bathroom includes cleaning toilets, scrubbing bathtub and /or shower.

The other bathroom tasks include cleaning showerheads and faucets, cleaning the mirrors, and cleaning the bathroom tiles.

It’s different doing the cleaning in bedrooms. It needs some general cleaning like vacuuming and mopping the floors. The other things to be done is changing linens and getting fresh ones. (Homeowners usually do this tasks themselves.)

Like the living room, dusting is part of the chores that also include cleaning the windows , and picking up the clutter.

House Cleaner vs. Housekeeper

To clear some confusion, a house cleaner is not the same as a housekeeper. A housekeeper will visit your home multiple times a week, sometimes daily, and will handle daily cleaning tasks, including folding laundry.

A house cleaner is hired less frequently and typically only for bigger jobs. A professional house cleaning service will typically do a deep clean, and may require this for first-time customers.

The line between housekeepers and house cleaners is blurry and sometimes there are overlaps and duplicate tasks. Thankfully, clients don’t hire them together..

Frequency of cleaning times

One of the most common cleaning frequencies for house cleaning services is bi-weekly. But clients have their options and other ideas. You can hire a housekeeper for daily cleanings or to stop by two to three times a week.

According to experts, the main reason why bi-weekly cleaning services have become the most common cleaning frequency for those that utilize the service is that it’s more cost effective. It also provides the homeowners with services that can be maintained until the next visit.

Also, you could have someone do a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly cleaning. You also have the option to hire for one-time services, including the cost of cleaning services when moving out.

Different companies have many other packages to offer to their customers. You may even have to allow customers to create their own cleaning schedule based on needs.