Everything You Need to Know About E-rickshaws

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India has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable transportation solutions over recent years, and electric rickshaws (e-rickshaws) have become a prominent means of sustainable urban mobility. Not only do these eco-friendly vehicles reduce carbon emissions while creating livelihood opportunities, but the best e rickshaw battery in India for their battery selection and critical element to its effectiveness and viability.

E-Rickshaws in India

Electric auto-rickshaws have quickly become an indispensable feature of urban and semi-urban landscapes across India.

1. Environment-Friendly: E-rickshaws produce no tailpipe emissions, helping create cleaner cities and healthier living environments.

2. Cost-Effective: Operating an electric-rickshaw is more cost-effective than traditional auto-rickshaws powered by fuel such as petrol or diesel. Electricity tends to be significantly less costly than petrol or diesel.

3. Lower Maintenance: Electric vehicles boast fewer moving parts, which results in lower maintenance costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

4. Job Creation: The e-rickshaw industry has opened up employment opportunities to many drivers, mechanics and battery manufacturers.

5. Government Support: The Indian government has provided several incentives and subsidies for adopting electric vehicles such as e-rickshaws.

Key Battery Features of E-Rickshaws

E-rickshaw performance and reliability depend heavily on their batteries’ quality and capacity, unlike conventional vehicles which rely solely on gasoline propulsion for propulsion. E-Rickshaw batteries must meet certain criteria to ensure long-term use, efficiency and a seamless driving experience.

1. Battery Capacity: E-rickshaw batteries need sufficient capacity for travel on one charge, ideally providing long operational ranges. Higher capacity batteries offer longer operational runs.

2. Durability: E-rickshaw batteries must be durable enough to withstand daily usage on uneven roads, such as those found at train stations and airports.

3. Fast Charging Capability: Quick charging capability is vital to minimizing downtime for drivers and maximizing earnings.

4. Maintenance: For maximum cost efficiency, low maintenance batteries should be chosen to minimize upkeep expenses.

5. Safety: Protection features like overcharge protection, temperature regulation and short circuit prevention are essential in order to safeguard both the vehicle and its passengers.

Likraft Is A Prominent E-Rickshaw Battery Brand

Likraft has made an impressive entry into India’s e-rickshaw battery market with their superior products designed specifically for e-rickshaw battery power . Likraft stands out as one of the premier options when it comes to selecting an e-rickshaw battery solution:

1. Remarkable Capacity: Likraft batteries come with impressive capacities that meet various e-rickshaw models and usage patterns. With batteries ranging from 100Ah to 200Ah available for selection, owners of electric rickshaws can select one suitable to meet their specific needs.

2. Longevity: Likraft batteries are built to last. Their extended cycle life allows for more charge-discharge cycles before needing replacement, which translates to cost savings for e-rickshaw owners.

3. Quick Charging: Likraft batteries feature rapid charging technology that enables e-rickshaw drivers to quickly recharge their vehicles and get back out on the road, decreasing downtime and increasing revenue generation.

4. Energie Efficiency: Likraft’s batteries are specifically engineered to be highly energy-efficient, so that electric rickshaws can travel longer distances on one charge while saving both electricity costs and environmental impacts. This efficiency not only saves on expenses but also minimizes their environmental footprint.

5. Low Maintenance: These batteries offer low maintenance costs, significantly reducing both time and money spent on repairs or upkeep – an invaluable feature for e-rickshaw owners, as it minimizes disruption to operations.

Advantages of Likraft 

When selecting an e-rickshaw battery, it’s essential to understand its unique advantages over competing brands such as those offered by Likraft. Here are a few key benefits of choosing this brand over others.

1. Robust Manufacturing: Likraft utilizes modern manufacturing processes and adheres to stringent quality control standards to guarantee each Likraft battery is constructed according to the highest quality standards, offering consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

2. Customization: Likraft understands that electric rickshaws come in all sizes and capacities, which is why they offer multiple battery capacities so e-rickshaw owners can find one which best meets their specific requirements. Whether your ride is compact for short trips or larger for longer routes, Likraft offers battery solutions for all.

3. Expert Support: Likraft offers top-of-the-line batteries as well as exceptional customer support, with their team of specialists ready to assist e-rickshaw owners with any technical or maintenance-related questions, concerns or technical support requests ensuring a positive experience throughout its lifespan.

4. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Likraft is committed to environmental responsibility, taking on the safe disposal and recycling of old batteries as part of their commitment to reduce the environmental footprint associated with electric vehicle usage. This commitment serves to support their broader goal of decreasing environmental impacts associated with vehicle ownership.

5. Affordability: Likraft batteries not only offer top performance and durability, but are also competitively priced – making them an attractive option for e-rickshaw owners looking to maximize their return on investment.

Likraft’s Vision for Empowering

E-Rickshaw Owners Behind Likraft’s success lies an expansive vision that goes far beyond manufacturing batteries: providing reliable and cost-effective battery solutions to empower e-rickshaw owners – often small entrepreneurs – is central to its mission and aligns perfectly with India’s sustainable mobility initiatives, including reduction of air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and economic opportunities creation.

1. Economic Empowerment: E-rickshaws have become an essential source of livelihood in urban and semi-urban areas. Likraft recognizes this trend and seeks to facilitate financial expansion for owners by providing batteries that enhance performance and profitability of these vehicles – playing an integral part in economic empowerment of drivers and their families alike.

2. Sustainability: Their efforts align with India’s ambitious targets to electrify urban mobility and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. By equipping their e-rickshaws with energy-efficient batteries that are eco-friendly, Likraft contributes towards cleaner urban environments while meeting India’s ambitious goals of electrification of urban mobility and reduced dependence.

3. Technology Innovation for Progress: Likraft’s team is constantly looking for ways to advance and innovate their battery technology. By investing in research and development they aim to craft batteries that are both powerful yet environmentally responsible – this ensures Likraft batteries stay at the forefront of e-rickshaw industry technology advancements, giving e-rickshaw owners access to cutting edge energy storage technology solutions.

4. Sustainable Practices: Likraft embraces sustainable practices throughout its operations, from battery recycling and disposal to energy-efficient manufacturing processes – to reduce environmental footprint. Our dedication to sustainability shows our holistic approach to responsible business practices.

5. Likraft Community: Beyond providing batteries, Likraft fosters an atmosphere of community among e-rickshaw owners by offering support networks, forums, and information sharing platforms where drivers can exchange experiences and learn from each other. This aspect adds great value to Likraft offerings while strengthening bonds within the industry.


As India transitions towards a greener and more sustainable future, e-rickshaws are playing a pivotal role in urban transportation. Battery selection plays an essential part in the success and efficiency of e-rickshaw operations – Likraft has emerged as a market leader offering high capacity, durable and energy efficient batteries that meet the specific needs of owners and drivers alike.