Egypt’s Mystical nights and modern delights

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Egypt is a country located in Africa. Egypt’s ancient civilization, age-old history and prominent landmarks attract many visitors every year. The pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, nile river, gulf of Aqaba beaches, Safaga, Luxor temple, Dahab ras Sudr, Marsa Alam are the prominent places to visit, which are evidence of Egypt’s ancient civilization. Egypt’s nightlife is quite energetic and is a blend of modern entertainment and traditional culture. You can book an Egypt tour packages for a comfortable and peaceful vacation.

10 Best Places To Enjoy Egypt Nightlife

  • Little Buddha Hurghada – Little Buddha is an opulent restaurant and bar in Hurghada city of Egypt. Visit this place for a clubbing experience like no other, as the nightlife is dynamic with dj’s playing hip hop and rock music. It is considered as the benchmark in nightlife experience of Red Sea. The mouthwatering Asian dishes , Japanese cuisines, sushi  and ambrosial cocktail will tantalize your taste buds. 
  • Papas Beach Club – This is a beachfront club in Egypt’s Hurghada city, which offers an enthusiastic atmosphere for visitors. In this club you can enjoy beach parties during the day and club parties during the night. Visitors enjoy delectable cuisines, delicious cocktails and an entertaining aura.  
  • Crystal Live Lounge – Crystal live lounge is a popular nightclub located in the Soho square of Egypt. Amidst the pulsating beats and the shimmering lights you can enjoy your evening in this euphoria as it hosts live performances of popular music bands, international DJ’s.  
  • Electric Bar – It is a popular bar in Soho square, Egypt. The ambience and the visuals of this nightclub are a spectacle in themselves and offer a variety of drinks and cocktails to adults, So enjoy your favorite beverage or try a signature cocktail and have a sumptuous night with your loved ones. 
  • Ice Bar Sharm el-Sheikh – It is located in the resort town of Sharm-el-Sheikh.  This bar is very unique from others as the entire bar is made of ice and serves drinks in glasses made of ice, which provides a chilling experience to the visitors. The bar offers beverages, cocktails, beers and other refreshments in glasses made of ice. The cool atmosphere of the bar gives the visitor a relief from the scorching heat. This is a must visit place for an unforgettable and unique experience .
  • Gu Bar  – This is a prominent nightbar in Cairo, Egypt. The bar features contemporary style interiors creating an alluring environment for visitors. You can meet and socialize with new people and make new friends. This bar hosts international music performances and skilled belly dancers, which creates a spectacular ambience for the guests. 
  • Stage One – Stage one nightclub is a well known nightclub in the city of Cairo, Egypt. The design and decor of this club is carefully curated enhancing the overall ambience and making it distinct from other clubs. The club serves various fusion drinks and other refreshments. 
  • The Club Of Egypt – It is a club in Cairo, Egypt which is known for its reggae vibe. Enjoy the electric beats and melodies spun by talented international DJ’s. Dance to the rhythm, allowing the music to carry you away. The social aspect of the nightclub is another highlight, where you can enjoy with a diverse crowd and connect with new people.
  • U Bistro And Bar – U Bistro and Bar is a bar where you can enjoy a more cozy and peaceful dining experience. It is located in Cairo and offers both dining and bar services. You can indulge in a variety of international and local dishes, cocktails and other refreshments.
  • Amici Bar – Amici bar is based on italian theme, which offers a cozy ambience inspired from a italian tradition. The bar creates a romantic atmosphere by dim lights, which encourages the visitors to gather here with their families and friends. The impressive drink selection of  Italian wines and crafted cocktails blend with the seamless Italian classics and contemporary tunes to create an everlasting memory. 


In the realm of adventures an ordinary night transforms into an extraordinary one in the  nightclubs of Egypt. The symphony of music and the shimmering lights create an environment for a graceful night. The night may be fleeting but its impact lingers on our minds forever. Egypt’s extraordinary nightclubs help you create an everlasting memory.