How to Choose Nail Polish?

Nail Polish
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In recent years, many nail salons have appeared in China. Gradually, more and more people go for nail art. Even if it costs more than 100 yuan for a manicure, they are willing to do it even if it can only stay on your nails for a month or two.

People’s love for beauty not only created the rise of the nail art industry but also made the business of buying nail polish better and better.

Some people say that the pattern on the nail art is a kind of nail art, so how do we choose a good nail polish for our own use? On the premise of not hurting yourself, I wrote the following points based on my own purchase experience, hoping to help you.


First, when buying nail polish, I will choose a healthy and long-lasting nail polish that can last for 7-14 days. The specific number of days depends on how you apply it. Personally, I think the longer it lasts, the more it means adding something unsuitable. substance.

Second, when buying nail polish, I will choose nail polish without a pungent smell. Nail polish with a pungent smell will not only make me feel uncomfortable but also affect my family or friends around me. Choose nail polish without a pungent smell. Bring comfort to yourself or others.

Third, when buying nail polish, I will choose nail polish that can dry quickly without using a baking machine to save time. I think each of us needs it, and quick-drying nail polish will not occupy other places.

Fourth, when buying nail polish, I will choose peelable nail polish. This kind of nail polish is easy to fall off, but it is safer. We can make up the nail polish if it falls off, but it will fall off if you lose your health.

Fifth, when buying nail polish, I will choose nail polish that does not contain any impurities. This kind of nail polish can care for the nail surface of our nails and avoid the damage caused by nail polish The Body Shop Discount Code NHS at NHS Discount Code.

Sixth, when buying nail polish, I will choose resin-containing nail polish. This kind of nail polish is non-toxic and odorless, and it is shiny and wear-resistant when applied to the nails.

Seventh, when buying nail polish, I will choose natural mineral toner, add calcium gluconate, easy to color, full of color, and tough on the nail surface.

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The Universal Cream Sweater Has a High CP Value

What should I buy for the first all-purpose clothes in winter? If the budget is limited, it is most recommended to invest in a cream-colored sweater with a good texture. It looks good with everything, no matter from any angle of warmth, practicality, and appearance, it must be it!


  • clothing store
  • online shopping


  1. Although there are many styles of sweaters, there are only two ways to wear them: one is to make a coat directly, and the other is to wear it inside. A gentle and beautiful lady, let you spend a warm winter beautifully!
  2. Cream sweater X denim pants, undefeated classic LOOK
  3. No need to think too much, these two pieces look great together, and it’s not incompatible with going to work, on a date, or shopping. Pay attention to choosing a sweater with a slightly wider shape, and pair it with denim pants to have a relaxed and effortless fashion sense.
  4. If you want to show If you are thin, choose a V-neck (left), showing your collarbone is absolutely king; a high collar is also a good choice, and tucking your hair into a loose collar is a fashionable little detail for trendy people~.
  5. Think white shoes are too passerby? You can use a pair of spicy shoes to make the finishing touch, such as the hottest leopard in autumn and winter (left).
  6. This can transform the pure college girl style into a sexy crush as soon as you put on your feet, or match the trendy model Bella Hadid with lace-up heels, and immediately make the cream sweater Wear it to become full of femininity, cream sweater X slit skirt, matching with colors is more fashionable
  7. A loose cream-colored sweater is very suitable for matching with a feminine slit skirt, which makes the outfit more layered. This season is more popular with matching colors.
  8. The same color top and skirt look like a one-piece dress (left), very Gentle and pleasant; using a white shirt to cushion and create a sense of layering is also the key to trendy people wearing a cream sweater.
  9. A cream-colored sweater with a mid-length skirt is the most elegant and beautiful. The material is satin or soft. The contrast between the thick sweater and the softness of the skirt creates a conflicting aesthetic. For shoes, ankle boots, military boots, or this season’s popular Cowboy boots make for an eye-catching trendy look.
  10. Cream sweater X cream wide pants, with a lady’s light
  11. This kind of matching looks the most expensive. Pay attention to choosing a short sweater or tucking the sweater into the trousers to define the waistline position, so that the proportion of long legs can be pulled out, and the whole body will not look fat in white.
  12. Creamy sweater AND plaid single product, full of Wenqing temperament
  13. A well-behaved and docile cream-colored sweater, paired with a calm plaid item, immediately creates a strong bookish atmosphere. Classical plaid is popular this season.
  14. Whether it is paired with a safari coat or the plaid pants (right) worn by Mrs. Beckham, you can easily wear it with a youthful temperament. The cream color can reduce the old-fashioned feeling of the plaid, and it looks fresh and lively .
  15. Wear a lace shirt inside, and the simple outfit will become gorgeous immediately
  16. The special way to wear a cream sweater is to wear a lace shirt inside, let the lace decorate the chest, neck and shoulders, and make it gorgeous in a second.
  17. Trendy people wear a V-neck cream sweater with tulle lace to make the upper body look layered, and it is not boring to wear it all in white; New York’s first socialite Olivia Palermo also wears it, with a lace shirt exposed on the neck, wrist and hem , let the cream sweater have a new expression Boots Promo Codes NHS.
  18. The cream-colored sweater belongs to the light-colored system. It not only has a high CP value when worn, but also can help ladies look white. If it is paired with some small accessories, the overall temperament is beautiful and cute. So for such a sweater that can keep warm and look beautiful, how can you be reluctant to buy it.